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AOL 9.0 Security Edition VC
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  • Name:AOL 9.0 Security Edition VC
  • License:Shareware
  • Developer:AOL
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  • Rating:3 / 5
  • OS:Windows All
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AOL 9.0 Security Edition VC 0.4327.134.1

AOL 9.0 Security Edition VC 0.4327.134.1 Description:

AOL 9.0 Security Edition is an update to the AOL 9.0 Optimized software that addresses online consumers' top safety and security concerns. In developing AOL 9.0 Security Edition, our main principle was that before anything else, the most important thing is to be safer online.

With the very latest America Online tools for automatically blocking spammers, intruders and scammers, this new edition helps protect our members and their families, while providing additional safeguards for their personal information and privacy.

For today's connected households, AOL 9.0 Security Edition combines the ease of-use and the great features our members expect with the most important thing of all: greater peace of mind .

· McAfee VirusScan Online brought to you by AOL: Now included free with America Online membership. This anti-virus software provides our members with comprehensive virus scanning that regularly checks for and eliminates viruses from almost all sources on their PC, such as e-mails, CD-ROMs, shared music and picture files, and other Internet downloads. With this safeguard, members' PCs are protected from known viruses with automatic updates every time they sign on to the Internet, helping to ensure they're better protected during the next online virus outbreak.

· Automatic Image Scanning: In addition to automatically scanning e-mail attachments for viruses, America Online automatically scans embedded jpeg images in e-mails to help protect members' computers from known viruses before they reach their computers.

· Personal Firewall Express: To help members with a high-speed connection better protect their PC and personal information from hackers, Personal Firewall Express places a security barrier between the Internet and their computer. When someone tries to probe or attack their computer, members will receive a detailed report with clear follow-up options.

· Simplified Spam Controls: America Online's new simplified spam control tools allow members to more effortlessly set their spam controls by choosing from one of three spam protection levels - High, Medium or Low - in addition to the ability to custom tune AOL's spam controls to block e-mail they don't want.

· Report Spam Button on the Instant Messenger Form: America Online is making it easier for members to report spIM (instant messaging spam) with the addition of the "Report IM Spam" button on the instant messaging form. This allows members to block messages from the offending party and immediately notify America Online of the offender.

· Web Pop-Up Controls : America Online members can choose to block or allow various types of pop-ups before they appear, as well as block animated ads that "float" across the screen.

· Parental Controls: With AOL Parental Controls, parents may set limits on what their children can see and do while they are online, including specifying with whom they can communicate in e-mail, whether or not they can send and receive instant messages, what kinds of Web sites they can browse, even the amount of time they spend online. We've also added the ability for parents to review e-mail that's been caught by AOL's spam filters before reaching their child's mailbox. And a new IM Safety List feature allows parents to approve who can contact their kids via instant message.

Young teens need to be able to search the Internet for school, hobbies and personal interests. To help parents protect them from inappropriate content that an innocent search may turn up, America Online provides a new Teens Search feature that uses a Parental Control filter before delivering results. Teen Search is available at AOL Keyword: Teen Search, and for users of the RED service, America Online's customized version of the AOL service for teens.

In addition to the ability to customize Parental Controls to create an age-appropriate online experience for their children, parents can also take advantage of existing features like the AOL Guardian to receive "report cards" via e-mail after each child's AOL session so they're always informed about how their children are using the Internet and can take immediate action if necessary. They can also set Internet Access Controls to help prevent children from using external browsers or other Internet access programs - like file sharing software on the computer.

· AOL Spyware Protection: AOL Spyware Protection automatically scans a member's computer once a week to help them identify and disable potentially harmful and intrusive programs. Members can also set-up AOL Spyware Protection to perform automatic scans at more frequent intervals and on a specific day and time. AOL Spyware Protection is regularly updated to help members find and disable the latest potential spyware and adware applications.

· New SpyZapper Feature: Working alongside AOL Spyware Protection, the SpyZapper feature automatically checks a member's computer for several common spyware and other programs that can cause connection problems, performance issues, and security risks or otherwise interfere with their America Online experience. After scanning, SpyZapper tells the member which programs it found, if any, and helps them decide whether they want to block these program(s) from operating on their computer.

· My Money Alerts: To help members protect their bank account or credit cards from potentially fraudulent use, America Online's "My Money" Alerts can notify members when transactions exceed the limit they've set for their account. Alerts are delivered to their computer via "Certified AOL e-mail."

· AOL Security Alerts: To help members stay on top of new online security threats, AOL Security Alerts can automatically send notifications directly to their computer or mobile device. Mobile device alerts require a text-messaging or wireless-enabled device and service plan. Additional charges from wireless service providers may apply.

· Clear My Footprints: The convenience of tracked history, saved cookies and a browser cache can become a liability when trying to protect online privacy. But now, with just one click, members can easily wipe away their online footprints or select specific footprints - such as cookies, browser cache, browsing history or their blocked popup list - that they want to clear with the Clear My Footprints feature.

· AOL Safety & Security Center: To help make online safety and security more effortless, the AOL Safety & Security Center provides access to the latest AOL security tools and features in one convenient place. Available at AOL Keyword: Safety & Security Center, this destination is where members can learn more about the newest AOL safety features and services, find easy-to-follow instructions for setting up these tools, manage their safety and security settings, and get help and answers for important safety questions.

· Additional Safety and Security Measures: In addition to all of AOL's latest safety and security features that members will find in AOL 9.0 Security Edition, there are a number of tools and safety measures that work seamlessly behind the scenes to continually help protect their online safety and security. These tools include server-side spam filters; automatic scanning and blocking of virus attachments from e-mail and embedded jpegs; targeted blocking of virus links in instant messages; IM rate limiting to help protect against spIM; automatic identification and securing of accounts with unusual and unauthorized activity; and monitoring and blocking of password cracking efforts.

· Enhanced AOL Computer Check-Up - Works Offline: AOL Computer Check-Up examines and helps diagnose and repair many common computer problems that may affect the performance of the America Online service and other programs. If a problem is found, AOL Computer Check-Up can either fix the problem automatically, or show members how to do it themselves with minimal effort. To help ensure their computers are always running at their best, members can set the Computer Check- Up Scheduler to automatically scan their computer at a regular intervals and also run a scan from their PC desktop while they are offline.

· AOL Call Alert Talk: The popular AOL Call Alert premium service has been enhanced with a new feature that now gives members the option to answer an incoming call for up to 3 minutes when they receive a call notification. With AOL Call AlertTalk now included as part of the AOL Call Alert service, members with an AOL Talk phone or other USB phone, or a computer microphone and speakers, can take incoming calls from their computer without needing to disconnect from the America Online service. Members can get additional information and register for AOL Call Alert at AOL Keyword: Call Alert. The AOL Call Alert service is available for an additional $3.95 per month in addition to the monthly America Online membership fee and applicable telephone company charges.

· AOL File Backup: Coming Soon: To help members protect important files from computer crashes or accidental deletion, AOL File Backup saves a duplicate copy of their pictures, personal files, and other important documents to two America Online data centers so that files can be retrieved if something happens to their computer.

· Fast Start: With the new Fast Start feature, AOL components are preloaded when a member's computer starts up, so America Online launches faster when they click the AOL desktop icon. If the member closes America Online and goes into another application, the software will quietly preload in the background, so they can re-launch AOL quickly anytime.

· Preferred Dial-up Number Recommendations; Broadband Connection Detection: AOL 9.0 Security Edition is easy to set up and designed to provide more reliable connections. With preferred dial-up number recommendations, America Online can automatically recommend the closest access numbers to a member's location, and for members who use high-speed Internet connections, America Online will automatically detect their broadband connection - eliminating extra set-up steps.

· TopSpeed Web Acceleration Technology: AOL TopSpeed Technology reduces Web page download times and speeds up browsing. Coming soon, the latest TopSpeed Technology enhancements will also be available to speed up Web surfing when members use an external Microsoft Internet Explorer browser on their computer.

· Fast User Switching: A handy button now makes it easy for Windows XP users to quickly switch between XP profiles without logging on and off. (This feature is not available to members on limited access or hourly price plans.)

· English/Spanish Language Preference: Ideal for bilingual households, AOL 9.0 Security Edition enables members to set English or Spanish language preferences for each individual Screen Name so that members can view America Online in the language of their choice: either the AOL service in English or the AOL® Latino service in Spanish.

· My Routines: My Routines is a new feature that provides faster, easier access to the Web sites and America Online sites members use regularly by making them a one-click feature their AOL Favorites. If members choose to turn on this new feature, My Routine's enhanced logic software will remember the things that they have done most frequently or do repetitively when they're on the America Online service.

· Spell Checker Now Checks Grammar: AOL 9.0 Security Edition enhanced spell checker tools make it easier to catch and correct spelling mistakes by indicating errors as a member types, and also includes an easy-to-use grammar checker.

· AOL Toolbar QuickView "Mouse-over" Panels: QuickView Panels make it convenient for members to access key features and information - such as their recent e-mails and instant messages, their online "safety status", their custom presets and AOL Music recommendations, as well as a quick view of the financial market - simply by hovering their mouse over icons on the navigation toolbar.

Other New Features And Recent Enhancements Made To AOL 9.0 And On The AOL Service

· Enhanced AOL Search: To help members find exactly what they're searching for, AOL Search's Snapshot results, appear at the top of search results pages, include expanded editorial content and deliver packages of relevant information for an even wider range of topics from News and Health to Music and Entertainment. In addition, AOL Search Smart Box technology makes it even easier for members to find what they're searching for in fewer clicks by instantly surfacing potential matches while they type their query. And even when they're not using the America Online service members always have easy access to AOL Search through its integration with the AOL Toolbar, and the AOL Deskbar, which provides easy access to search features right from the Windows desktop.

· AOL Bill Pay: With AOL Bill Pay, members can pay their bills online the faster, easier way by receiving copies of their bills via directly in their e-mail inbox as "Certified AOL e-mail". AOL Bill Pay helps them manage their bills by consolidating them all under one user ID and password, making it easier to pay bills online with multiple different companies. Members can also use this feature to track their wireless phone minutes as well as set an Alert or Reminder so they won't forget to pay their mortgage, insurance or credit card bills.

· Convenient E-mail Storage : Members can organize their e-mail that is saved on America Online's servers into separate folders and access it either through the AOL service or from the Web at A Quota Meter displays at-a-glance the amount of mail storage a member has remaining. Currently, members can permanently store up to 100 megabytes of mail per Screen Name - for a total of up to 700 megabytes per account - on America Online's servers at no additional charge.

Redesigned AOL Address Book: A newly redesigned AOL Address Book makes it faster and easier for members to find and organize contact information. Enhancements include a new Address Book Quick Find feature, automatic detection of duplicate address book entries, a Contact Quick View on the Buddy List feature that displays an alphabetic menu with relevant names and contact information by letter, and Address Cards that can automatically update contact information whenever it changes.

· Fun Mail: Members can now choose from hundreds of preformatted postcard layouts to send colorful and stylish e-mail messages. And, AOL Mail's close integration with the AOL Picture Finder, makes it easy for members to insert pictures in e-mail and select from more than eight different layouts and frames to dress up their photos as well as add personalized captions.

· Enhanced Instant Messenger and Buddy List Window Management Features: To make it easier to manage multiple instant message conversations, members can now group all of their instant messages into one window. A tabbed interface allows members to quickly view with whom they are exchanging instant messages, as well as see a typing and message-waiting indicator for each conversation. Members can also hide specific conversations as well as detach individual instant message conversations from the group.

· AOL Live Video IM: Members with Windows XP and a webcam can now conduct real-time, live video conversations via instant messaging with other AOL and AIM users.

· Personalized AOL SuperBuddy Icons Behaviors: Since their launch, the SuperBuddy icon collection has grown to more than 130 different icons, boasting a cast of famous celebrities, and a host of fun and quirky characters, animals, people and objects. A new AOL SuperBuddy Icon Behaviors feature will allow members to further personalize their SuperBuddy icon's whimsical animations. With this feature, members will be able to select a SuperBuddy icon action, such as laughing, and have it react to their own custom text triggers while instant messaging. Members will also be able to set up automatic responses for their SuperBuddy icon when receiving specific text or smileys in instant messages. Members can preview all of their SuperBuddy Icon animations with a new SuperBuddy Test Drive feature.

· Improved AOL Calendar: With AOL Calendar, members can now create multiple calendars for each Screen Name and not only share your calendars with selected America Online members, but also publish calendars as a Web page for local activities, clubs and more.

· Even Better Music Experience: AOL 9.0 gives members even more ways to discover and enjoy music online. A new Music QuickView provides quick access to presets and recommended AOL Music programming right from the toolbar. An enhanced AOL Music Search lets members search a database of tens of thousands of artists, songs, albums, to find songs and videos, sample and link to buy tracks and now purchase tickets for upcoming concerts.

· AOL Radio: With AOL Radio, members can listen to more than 200 stations of music, news, sports and talk including 175 originally programmed stations with: Sessions@; the AOL Music LIVE weekly concert series; and First Listens, worldwide debuts of the most eagerly anticipated songs. In addition, listeners can now see what their buddies are listening to and even instant message links to stations right from the new AOL Radio "Tune In" feature on the instant messaging form.

· Video@AOL: With a library of more than 5,000 video clips, Video@AOL is the single destination for the latest news, sports, and entertainment videos and more. Members can expand their personal online video collection with MyVideos, where they can search for video clips in one convenient location.

· MusicNet@AOL: Puts a record store in members' living rooms by giving them a place to stream and download an unlimited amount of music from a collection of more than 700,000 songs with the option to buy portable tracks for $.99 each. Available at AOL Keyword: MusicNet, MusicNet@AOL is a premium service that requires separate registration and monthly fees.

· AOL Network Magic: Will make it easier for America Online members with broadband connections and a home network, help keep their networks running properly, share printers and files on multiple PC's in their home, and remotely access files and media using a Web browser.

AOL 9.0 Security Edition VC 0.4327.134.1 Requirements:

· AOL account / Internet connection

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