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Video Vision
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  • Name:Video Vision
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Video Vision 9.0.12

Video Vision 9.0.12 Description:

Video Vision Plus is a Point of Sale system with everything you need to control your rental business.

Special features of the program include rental and sale transactions, integrated reservations, password protected functions, overdue rental monitoring, fines management, promotional pricing, and much more.

With Video Vision rental management system your business will be so much easy to control and organize!

Video Vision 9.0.12 Features:

· Easy to use Windows interface - Video Vision Plus has been designed so that even users with very little computer experience can be at ease with the program in minimal time. The use of Windows rather than a DOS system adds aesthetic appeal, provides an environment most people are already comfortable working within, and looks to the future - Microsoft have announced that future versions of Windows (Windows XP and beyond) will not provide full support for some DOS programs.

· Import existing data - Video Vision Plus has a data import module which allows you to import customer and rental title data from a variety of existing programs databases once you have correctly formatted the existing data.

· Unlimited Rentals Schemes - Don't let the online rental giants steal your customers! Offer them similar rental plans with no late fees or return dates without the need to have to wait for the movies to arrive in the mail!

· Webpage Designer - Put your store's rental inventory online! Video Vision Plus now features an easy to use webpage designer that will allow you to create an impressive webpage for your store with no web page programming knowledge whatsoever.

· Password protection - Users can be assigned varying priority levels within the system meaning that key functions and access to sensitive information can be restricted to those users who have been approved access.

· Barcode scanner support - Barcode readers (scanners) can be used in all relevant sections of the program - please note that a barcode scanner is not required to use the program.

· Barcode Printing - Video Vision Plus allows creation and printing of a stunning variety of barcode labels for virtually any commercially available label format. The default formats are compatible with Avery #8160 or #5260 labels (both 30 labels per page) however the new custom barcode designer allows printing on virtually any label size in virtually any font and color.

· Personalized main screen - Select images stored on your computer to use as the background for the main screen. Add a recent movie image, a store design, or any other jpeg image of your choosing.

· Custom Toolbar Setup - The main Video Vision Plus toolbar can now be configured by user - this allows any buttons not used by a given staff member to be removed from view, simplifying program use yet further.
· Powerful search module - An enhanced search module allows search on and display of virtually any information stored about a customer, rental item or product.

Rentals, Returns, Sales and Reservations

· Manage rentals and returns with ease - Video Vision Plus controls your entire rental and return operation, automatically calculating charges, taxes and fines due.

· Sales - Sales of any peripheral products are also tracked by Video Vision Plus.

· Receipts - The built in receipt wizard allows full configuration of your rental and sales receipts and can be used to customize your receipt in virtually every way. It not only allows the configuration of a receipt in virtually any language and currency but also allows printing of promotional discount coupons and a personalized terms of rental to be printed on the receipts.

· Integrated reservations - Full reservation functionality is provided - including features such as warnings if a customer tries to rent a title that will overlap with an existing reservation and notification when an item is returned that another customer has reserved for later that day.

· Flexible Pricing Structures - rental pricing within a given Rental Category can either be restricted to a single time and rental price or alternatively a matrix may be configured for the category which allows different prices to be set for different rental periods. In the latter option, when an item is rented a quick to use rental time dialog is presented to allow selection of the appropriate price band for the rental in question.

· Overdue rentals - overdue rentals are tracked and reports by date, item, customer and customer phone number are available allowing you to follow up late returns with minimum administration.

· Flexible fine/credit application - A daily fine can be set for late returns for each rental category. This fine level is automatically suggested when an item is returned late. All fines (and customer accounts) are fully editable to allow the application of ad hoc fines or credits, such as a tape not rewound fine or a early return credit.

· Pay on return - Full functionality to allow your customers to pay for their rentals on return should you wish to allow them.

· Four different return methods - As well as the standard Speed Returns, Video Vision Plus also has three other alternate return methods depending on the appropriate situation. The Bulk Returns method simplifies the process of returning multiple rentals, for instance those left in an overnight drop box. The Customer Returns method allows faster return of multiple items from the same customer. Finally, returns can also be made on the main transaction screen to speed up checkout for a customer who is both returning and renting items.

· Return receipts - The Transaction Screen Returns method allows printing of return receipts for those customers who require one.

· Extend loans - The return date for a loan may be easily extended should the customer for instance call asking for extra rental time.

· Flexible editing - return date, number of days rental, and/or price can be flexibly edited for any given rental.

· Refunds - If the user has the appropriate user privileges, refunds of individual rentals or sales can be made for defective products, damaged movies, etc.

Rental and sale items

· Rental item management - reference numbers are allocated to each item and full details (including cost price, release date, rental price and time, genre, rental category, restriction category, stars appearing, selling price, and 4 custom pieces of information (see below) are stored.

· Configurable item types and formats - Video Vision Plus allows flexible configuration of item types (e.g. Movies, Games, Music, Books, etc) and formats (DVD, VHS, Blu-Ray, PS2, X-Box, etc) allowing you to fully classify your items.

· Custom information storage - Video Vision Plus's item detail screen can be fully customized for each item type allowing you to store and view virtually any information of your choosing. This means that stores renting/selling videogames, books, etc can see item data displayed with appropriate labels instead of having to add information in fields designed for movies.

· Sell ex-rental items - All rental items may be given a current status, the options for which include on sale only and on sale AND for rental. After selling, information regarding the item is retained for future reference and it is listed as sold.

· Film ratings - film classification board rating categories such as "PG" or "R" can be created and (if required) a "Check Age" prompt can be given for specified ratings whenever an item from that rating is rented.

· View trailers and covers - A picture of the cover of a movie can be stored and viewed along with the item's details. Movie trailers that are saved on your hard drive can also be launched with their default viewer from within the program.

· Search for available copy - A special availability search screen allows quick identification of an available copy of a given item.
· Stock level monitoring - Levels of inventory held of all products available for sale may be monitored.

· Stock reorder Levels - Video Vision Plus further lifts the burden of stock management by allowing reorder levels to be specified for each saleable product in your database - when stock inventory hits the reorder level Video Vision Plus automatically gives a reorder needed alert removing the need for time consuming manual stock checks.

· Stock order reports - Video Vision Plus makes order management simple by the printing of recommended order reports either for a single supplier or for multiple suppliers. The order report may be edited before printing, creating a simple record of orders placed with suppliers.


· Customer management - Video Vision Plus stores all your important customer information including name, address, telephone, email, password, date of birth, joining date, credit card data, comments, date of last visit, account status, and up to 4 custom pieces of information (see below). Please note that in some localities the customer's permission may be needed to collect and use certain data.

· Customer photos - Customer photos can be added and displayed at the time of rental for extra security.

· Photo capture - Video Vision Plus works with your existing Web cam or capture card to provide slick and easy to use customer photo capture within the program.

· Additional member photos - Video Vision Plus allows two extra "approved extra member" photos and names to be stored and viewed, allowing family members to all rent on the same account without security worries.

· Fraud checks - On entering a new customer in Video Vision Plus all the key details are compared against those held for other customers and if any matches are found an alert is given with full details of the matches found, allowing further checks to made before the customer is accepted. This feature is designed to detect customers with large amounts outstanding late fees who try to simply re-join the store with slightly different details instead of paying the account balance.

· Membership forms - membership forms may be printed for new customers to complete. The form may be customized to collect any data appropriate to your situation.

· PIN numbers - If desired, a keypad may be used to ask the customer to enter his/her security PIN number to complete a transaction. This adds yet another level of customer account security and helps prevent rental item theft and fraudulent use of customer accounts.

· Customer account management - Customers accounts can be flexibly managed with an enhanced account management module. Each account item is individually displayed and can be managed independently, allowing for extremely flexible management of fines, credits and payments on return.

· Customer membership cards - Video Vision Plus allows the design and printing of Customer Membership Cards which (if desired) include the customer's photo and a barcode representing their customer number. The card can be customized to include (or not) many features such as member photograph, shop opening hours etc. and the layout of the card altered by a simple click and drag procedure. Cards may be created in BOTH the popular card sizes - credit card or "Badge" - and laminated using one of a number of commercially available laminating solutions.

· Approved Renter Membership Cards - Membership cards can not only be printed for the main member but can also be printed for Approved Renters. As well as showing the approved renter's name and the main customer's name, these cards may also show the approved renter's photo if required.

· Member fees - A flexible member fee scheme allows you to manage regular subscription or insurance payments and prompts you when a customer has a payment due.

· Security Deposits - The collection and refund of security deposits is made easy with Video Vision Plus' simple to use deposit functionality.

· Lost cards - Lost membership card numbers can automatically be disabled and customers assigned a new membership number at the click of a button - cards that are listed as being lost card cannot make rentals giving greater security.

· Full customer and item histories - Full rental history is stored and is available for each user and rental item.

· Custom information storage - Video Vision Plus's customer database has 4 fields which you may customize to store and view virtually ANY information of your choosing.

· Customer Wishlists - Video Vision Plus allows customer 'wishlists' of titles the customer would like to see to be maintained. This allows quick viewing of availability for any titles the customer is interested in when they initially enter the store. This feature will be most powerful when Video Vision Plus is used in conjunction with Video Vision InStore or Video Vision Online which allow the customer to view and maintain their own wishlist.

· Overdue loan letters - A fully customizable overdue loans letter may be printed from Video Vision Plus.

· Preferred customer discounts - Video Vision Plus allows you to give your most valuable customers a percentage discount on all purchases and rentals.

· Previously rented item alert - A warning if customer has already rented a title leading to improved customer service.

· Customer birthday alert - A message is given when a customer visits on his or her birthday.


· Management reporting - Gain a greater understanding of your business with reports selected from a powerful reporting environment. These reports provide you with a complete summary of all aspects of your business, including all items currently on rental or overdue, historic rentals, sales, revenue summaries, profit/loss per item, current customers and customers with accounts outstanding.

· Cash Drawer Reconciliation - Video Vision Plus allows cash drawer sessions to be created and maintained flexibly throughout the day. Features include cash float drops, cash pickups, session close reconciliation summary, full reporting of all sessions from the past week, and reporting of all users active during a given session along with the percentage of total session activity attributable to each user.

Promotions and special offers

· Frequent Renter Points - Video Vision Plus allows the automatic assignment of points for rentals made - each time a customer rents a title or makes a sale you can award points. The customer may then redeem these points to gain free rentals or products. A great feature for increasing customer loyalty!

· Day of week promotions - offer your customers special promotions for different days of the week by setting rental prices as a percentage of the normal price for each day.

· Rental promotions - A variety of promotions for multiple rentals can be configured in Video Vision Plus e.g. 3 new releases for the price of 2.

· Sales promotions - Video Vision Plus allows you to run promotions where additional products such as popcorn are given free when the customer makes a certain number of rentals at the same time e.g. rent 3 new releases and take a bottle of coke free.

· Unlimited Rentals Scheme - Don't let the online rental giants steal your customers! Offer them similar rental plans with no late fees or return dates without the need to have to wait for the movies to arrive in the mail!

· Prepaid rentals Scheme - Schemes whereby rentals are paid for by advance payment can be run in Video Vision Plus.

· Prepaid Store Credits - this feature extends the prepaid rental functionality to allow a specified amount of store credit to be given for a prepaid price - for instance $40 of store rental credit can be given for a prepaid price of $30. When a customer with a prepaid credit makes a transaction, a prompt is given asking if it should be redeemed against the prepaid balance. If accepted, the prepaid credits balance is automatically reduced by the rental price of the item.

· Early Return Credits - Video Vision Plus allows the configuration of Early Return Credits which award either Frequent Rental Points or an account credit to be awarded if an item is returned early by a specified amount of time - for instance a credit of $1 can automatically be applied to a customer's account if a New Release which would normally be rented for 2 days is returned a day early.

Other features

· Opening days - Days when the store is closed may be specified.

· Change calculator - automatically calculate the change due to a customer.

· Sales receipts - If desired, sales and rentals receipts may be printed.

· Receipt printer support - Video Vision Plus contains 4 receipt formats which allow use of either a standard printer or a range of specialized POS receipt printers, such as the Epson TM-T88II.

· Touch screen support - Video Vision Plus supports all major brands of touch screen should you prefer to use this type of technology.

· Message center - daily messages can be displayed on the main program screen for you or your staff; these may be reminders, promotions, or anything else you like, and are removed when the program is closed.

· Top 10 rentals chart - If desired, the 10 most popular rental titles in the last week are shown on the program's main screen.

· Flexible tax configuration - Whether your country has a one tax system where sales tax is added to the price displayed, a one tax system where sales tax is included in the price displayed or if need to accommodate a two sales tax system, Video Vision Plus can be flexibly configured to meet your needs.

· Database backup facilities - Video Vision Plus allows you to quickly and easily save a full backup copy of your database to removable media (CD-R, CD-RW, Zip drive, etc) or your hard drive, helping to protect your valuable data.

· Mouse free operation - Extensive keyboard shortcuts allow faster operation of the program for all the main daily tasks - this allows a rental transaction to be completed in as little as three seconds and a return transaction is as little as two!

· Email - Video Vision Plus' Email modules use your database information to automatically create emails which are placed in your Microsoft Outlook out box ready for sending only to a list of customers approved by you. Emails may be sent to customers with overdue loans, who have an upcoming birthday, to inform of special promotions, to give a frequent rental points account balance, or you may send a custom email of your own choice! The wording of all Emails is customizable within the program.

· New Release Emails - Video Vision Plus allows you to design and send an impressive New Release mail shot email promoting the titles of your choice to all customers who have email addresses specified in their details with the minimum of effort.

· SMS Text Messages - Video Vision Plus allows you to send economically priced SMS text messages to cellular phones to notify your customers that there reservation is ready for collection or that they still have an overdue rental.

· Cash drawer support - For those customers who wish to use a cash drawer without purchasing a specialist receipt printer, both parallel and serial interface drawers are supported. Support for most major manufacturer's drawers is provided if you are using a receipt printer interface. Please see the hardware page for more details.

Video Vision 9.0.12 Requirements:

· 266 MHz Pentium II or AMD Athlon processor
· 64 MB RAM
· 20MB free hard disk space (additional space required for store database and customer/rental item images)

· 500 MHz or faster Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
· 128 MB or greater RAM
· 200MB or greater free hard disk space

Video Vision 9.0.12 Limitations:

· 30 days trial
· nag screen


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