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David Crisp: Operating System

I purchased the hardware USB interface from Amazon. The description noted software, but no software was with my order. My item explicitly stated compatibility with Mac OS, but the YouTube review of my same item showed a CD-ROM with theirs and this software. The software is NOT compatible with Mac OS. Very disappointing

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Greg: Key registration

Phil... the same situation. :(

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Phil: Product Key registration

I actually bought their product and have a valid registration key. SInce I didn't have a CD player in my computer, I just came to this website to download the software needed to use the capture adapter but the registration key input box or whatever is missing.

Is it because this download link is only meant as a free trial? I want to input the product key so that I can get rid of the watermark on the DVD options.

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Kaff: Hmm

Only Sound, no Video

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