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Joseph: cutesitebuilder #5 problems


Dear Sirs,

My name is Joseph.

I've had, and currently have, a number of cutesite builder websites (#5; serial#: AQHAT6VBQ9KLHA) for about10 years; and have been satisfied with its product. Months ago, it happened for whatever reason, I don’t know, I have been unable to publish my various changes on each of my sites; which have seriously hindered my business communications.

Accordingly, I fairly much abandoned the crippled websites, and of late have been exploring others web site designer companies, but to no avail (too complicated for me to start all over again).

The few times over time that I have googled into Cutesite builder #5, it had always stated that it had been defunct since 2006. Today, however, I tried again, more out of curiosity than any hope of anything different; when to my almost unbelieving surprise, it looked to me that Cutesite builder #5 had newly been updated! I turned to one of my websites (, and observed that the web designs (that I had not seen before) had been increased. I applied one of the new designs to the said websites, and it changed. Yet, that change did not publish.

So, I’m appealing to one of your staff to contact me in order to sort this issue out for me. I would be “eternally” grateful if I could be helped regarding this crucial issue.

Thank you,

P.S. ANOTHER PROBLEM: Just the other day, I exchanged computers and had the files of my former computer transmitted to my new computer. Consequently, my Cutesite Builder program (APP) did not transfer.

Hence all the more do I need a person who can help me with these two main issues.

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